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The role of PQT token in the PREDIQT blockchain ecosystem


In this article, we discuss the PQT token to help you get a clearer idea of the scope of PREDIQT.

For those of you who want a more technical, detailed explanation of the project, please have a look at their whitepaper

First, the goal of PREDIQT is to ensure that consumer data is harnessed more accurately and that consumers are compensated for providing their insight. In this ecosystem, everyone has control over their own digital identity and personal information, which is pretty exciting. 

At the heart of the PREDIQT blockchain is the PQT token. The primary role of PQT is to facilitate transactions within the ecosystem. PQT represents the true value that consumers should receive for their data. Used as a form of value on the platform, PQT tokens can only be purchased through the coming token sale at this time.

Today, internet users provide an abundance of information to service providers and social networks, which generates billions of dollars every year for these companies. Service providers use the information we provide for marketing and user analysis, but when it comes to sharing the advertising revenue, we are completely forgotten. For this reason, many consumers have stopped participating in surveys and consumer research programs. At the same time, pervasive data hacks have made it unsafe and undesirable for consumers to provide their data to traditional, centralized data aggregators.

PREDIQT, a blockchain consumer insight and data exchange platform, enables consumers to retain control of their data and optimize their experiences. PREDIQT platform incentivizes users to exert total control over their personal data and insights. Through PQT, users will own their data as an asset. What’s more, owning PQT tokens allows users to monetize their personal data based on their areas of interest and per their conscious decisions in full respect to GDPR principles.

So, users are rewarded with PQT tokens in exchange for valuable data. The more insight a user provides, the higher the rewards. It is anticipated that the PQT token will increase in utility value as the platform scales up. Currently, PREDIQT has partnerships that allow for a reach of over 50 million consumers globally. Because of the quality of data PREDIQT offers, it is expected that PREDIQT will attract more buyers and brands to the blockchain ecosystem. More participation will result in more data value in the PREDIQT economy, thus, increasing the value of the PREDIQT token. 

Using blockchain technology as a backbone, a prosperous and thriving economy is established and maintained in the PREDIQT ecosystem by providing:

  • an immutable record of consumer data and insight 
  • a form of virtual currency, which allows PREDIQT users to exchange value in return for their data
  • a platform that facilitates and secures transactions for owned assets
  • financial structures in the form of smart contracts for user-to-user transactions

In conclusion, the PQT token is the heart of the ecosystem, incentivizing users, and brands to participate on the platform. A thriving marketplace provides both creative and business players with the opportunity to leverage valuable consumer data and exchange value, enabling users to benefit from value creation.

PREDIQT’s ultimate goal is to provide a next-generation consumer insight ecosystem through their blockchain platform.

PREDIQT will launch its IEO on Latoken exchange in February 2020. To participate, please  visit here and get whitelisted.

Learn more about the PREDIQT blockchain by visiting their website and joining Telegram for updates.