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Tokenbox – Create and manage crypto funds

With Tokenbox you can manage your crypto funds legally and secure. The wallet is super secured and safe. It is the most powerful user-friendly terminal available. You can also create your own tokenized fund, which means Tokenbox is the first project which gives users and investors a FULL SERVICE project.

About Tokenbox

Tokenbox is an strange organic neighborhood that gathers oversaw Invesment by means of Consumeer reserves. Traders and Budget taking an passion are painstakingly selected and audited. Monetary consultants can choose their choice between quite a lot of belongings, as in step with the inborn percentage of danger and go back. TBX is an software token that giving an front to the degree’s administrations. The primary accomplices of Tokenbox (belongings and agents) have the risk to get noteworthy belongings for managment towards the start of labor with Tokenbox.

Hoe does it work?

Main workout routines at the Tokenbox Platform within the vital administrative framework. “Retailer” implies a undertaking toughen which has sensible enjoy in contributing on virtual sorts of cash and tokens markets. Those belongings within the TBX organize, are set within the association of the Fund or Dealer and are esteemed within the portfolio like any other assets. Tokenbox is a lawful “umbrella” reserve. Talented portfolio supervisors, sellers and speculators must method the most productive technique to supervise subsidizes within the Crypto market it, making sure an unusual state of safety. The be offering of TBX-tokens in portfolios must be stored up at a degree of at least five%. We direct Due Diligence of all sellers. What is extra, no Fund can pull again assets from a buyer’s document. Max. This token is a straightforward of a Fund Unit, and its esteem is based upon the productiveness and float of any alternate in portfolio capitalization.


The Ranking Machine and “Admonitory Provider” can assist consumer in settling at the perfect choice of the sellers spoke to on our framework.



Profile Of tokenbox

The arrange price (1 TBX = 1 USD) is a price of starting token promoting.
The amount of TBXs might be settled towards the end of TGE. The pockets allows you to retailer all elementary cryptographic sorts of cash and tokens.
For the lodging, there are two forms of wallets – “Easy” and “Knowledgeable” which is able to each retailer keys each outside and inside the framework

Speculators could make not unusual settlements the usage of their very own token as in step with the pertinent Sensible Contract. Portfolio directors and traders get an fast “field” solution for the formation of its personal tokenized toughen, running within the lawful device. Alfa Vertion : the alfa-adaptation might be helpful for brisk riser Budget and Investors which is able to claim their affiliation with Tokenbox. 31 000 TBX. Tokenbox is a degree for professionals because it had been. A reserve manager or broker who needs to paintings his personal explicit retailer at the degree, procures TBX tokens and retail outlets them at the degree. Due to this fact, belongings and traders can restrict their official prices. Tokenbox makes an attempt to accomplish of KYC/AML for consumer monetary consultants too liaising with the crucial data affirmation frameworks.

Basic cryptographic cash pockets for the safe stockpiling of automatic assets. The Ranking Machine and “Admonitory Provider” will let you in settling at the perfect choice of the sellers spoke to on our framework.

The Team

Igor Doganov, Chief Analytics Officer, The Token Fund
Dmitry Shmakov, Marketing Director, The Token Fund
Eugene Yuryev, Art Director, The Token Fund
Aleksandr Volkov, Lead Backend Developer, Zerion
Chris Abel-Smith, Head of Supervisory Board, Resultat Ltd., Varuna-Partners
Viktor Shpakovsky, Managing Partner, The Token Fund
Vladimir Smerkis, Managing Partner, The Token Fund
Alexey Bashlykov, Technical Project Manager, Zerion

Advisory Board

Peter Prabhu, Advisor (Business Development), Interstice Consulting LLP
Elena Masolova, Advisor, Groupon Russia, AddVenture Fund
Vadim Koleoshkin, Advisor (Product Development), Zerion
Chris Skinner, Advisor (Fintech), Innovate Finance, Moven and Meniga
Julian L. Zegelman, Advisor (Legal), Velton Zegelman PC
Ilya Sachkov, Advisor (Cybersecurity), Group-IB


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