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BitEclipse Questions and Answers

The recently announced BitEclipse platform is live and you can join it faster than you may think. So it’s a good time now to look at some of the frequently asked questions about BitEclipse. Let us know what other questions you have and we will proceed with more answers.

What is BitEclipse?

The BitEclipse project launched one and a half years ago as an integration of our technology and experience in the financial industry—especially e-commerce & HFT (High-Frequency Trading)—which spans over 20 years. We are a team of Investment Banks and Fintech ICT engineers with inspiration and motivation to build a truly transparent and innovative broker service that caters to the needs of traders. The BitEclipse platform and its back-end system address some of the unique problems in e-commerce business such as outdated, non-market-convention and patch-work platforms that exist in the market today. Not only does BitEclipse removes these obstacles but it also offers high transaction speeds, allowing traders to interact with the market as quickly as possible.  So you have a revolutionary broker and exchange platform that gives you low latency, over-the-counter trading desk as well as discount and no spillage trading.

What makes BitEclipse so different?

First, the team behind the development of BitEclipse is highly experienced and knowledgeable in online brokerage, finance, and e-commerce. Second, our service does not allow any other third-party service or out-source any help—cryptocurrency trading is handled personally. Third, our technology is designed to enable a seamless integration of trading systems whilst providing minimum latency and stability. Finally, the platform is equipped with innovative features, tools, and services that support various trading options and works well for beginner and professional traders. And to top it off we are self-learning and constantly improving the platform to deliver something exciting experiences for our customers

Will BitEclipse hold an IEO and how can people get involved?

BitEclipse will hold its initial exchange offering starting from February 2, 2020. It is very easy to get involved.  Anyone (except for some residents i.e. USA or Japan etc.) Simply open a BitEclipse Trading Account using your e-mail address to register for the IEO. Please note that citizens of the following countries cannot participate in BitEclipse IEO: USA, Japan, China, North Korea, Pakistan, etc.

If you would like to learn more about BitEclipse IEO including accepted method of contributions, please visit our website

When does BitEclipse go live, and what do investors get in return for their contributions?

The BitEclipse trading platform went on 2nd December 2019. The BitEclipse Token (BET) is a non-blockchain beneficial token that is issued (up to BET 100 million), circulated, and utilized limitedly within the BitEclipse network. It gives Traders & IB Affiliators more power and right for investment and marketing. Specifically, holding BET allows you to enjoy company profit, get fee discounts or Reward Boost and access unique trading tools and services to enrich your trading experience with BitEclipse.

Will BitEclipse platform replace MT4 and MT5 or is it targeting a different market?

To be honest, we have received lots of queries if we could provide the BitEclipse platform as a White Label business like MT4/MT5 or cTrader.  However, we are not a software company and have a unique business model and vision. Our ultimate goal at BitEclipse is to provide innovative financial trading service that is truly useful and rewarding to traders across the world. In that sense, our vision is very different from other white label trading platforms and unfortunately, we are not planning to release BitEclipse to others at this moment.

How can I access BitEclipse?

Please visit our website at and open a BitEclipse Trading Account for free. All you need is one email address and 10 seconds of your time. It’s really that simple.

BitEclipse Website: