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Satoshi Mines Casino

What’s great about Satoshi Mines is that it’s very easy to play and does not require a lot of time. Play it anytime you get bored and get the chance to win bitcoins along the way. The minimum bet is also very low that you can enjoy several games with the meager balance you have on your account.

Satoshi Mines is a simple but highly enjoyable game but it’s not perfect. There are things you need to know first before you decide to choose it as your preferred online bitcoin minesweeper game. Go over our SatoshiMines review to learn more about this online bitcoin gambling site. There might be things you won’t be able to appreciate or quickly realize by simply going over Satoshi Mines’ simple website.

Satoshi Mines is unlike the good ol’ Windows Minesweeper game. There are no numbers involved. It’s mostly a game of chance. You just click on the cells, proceed to the next click if you land on a green tile, and face Game Over if you land on the red/mine tile.

This minesweeper game only has 25 cells, forming a square with five cells on all sides. All games use this 25-cell board or minefield if you prefer calling it that way. Just like in the usual minesweeper game, the goal is to uncover as many green cells without stepping on red ones or the mines. Of course, you get a higher prize for uncovering more green tiles.

You can set how many mines to have on the minefield. You have the option to set 1, 3, 5, or 24 mines through the buttons below the field where you enter your bet amount.

The “NEXT” number is the value of the next green tile you can uncover. Your prize will be the accumulated value of all tiles you uncovered plus your bet amount. If you step on a mine, though, you will lose all of the value you accumulated so far. You really need to completely uncover all the green non-mine tiles so you can win your prize.

By the way, we mentioned that the Satoshi Mines user interface is mostly snappy but if you play the game, you may notice that there’s a few seconds before the tile you click gets revealed. This is not a responsiveness issue, though. We reckon that it’s just the way the game is designed. You need to have that few seconds of waiting time before the tile color is revealed. After all, it wouldn’t be that exciting if the tile color is quickly revealed at the very instance you click on it.

As mentioned, Satoshi Mines is a bitcoin-only gambling site. The only currency accepted is bitcoins. It is expressed as “Ƀ” on the site but in “bit” denomination. A bit is equivalent to 1/1,000,000 Ƀ.

All kinds of bitcoin wallets can be used on Satoshi Mines, including web wallets such as, BIPS, and Coinbase. Satoshi Mines readily provides links for Blocktrail,, and on the Deposit interface. There’s also a QR code to make it easier to do mobile payments.

The minimum bet on Satoshi Mines is 30 bits or Ƀ0.00003 for each round while the maximum bet is Ƀ1 or 1 million bits. We tried betting 1 million bits on the 24-mine game, which theoretically should provide the highest possible prize, but a message was displayed saying that the maximum bet amount for the 24-mine game is only 100,000 bits or .1 Ƀ.

The Satoshi Mines website does not mention anything about transaction fees so we assume there are no fees for making deposits or withdrawals.

When it comes to withdrawals, a minimum withdrawal amount of Ƀ0.000028 or 28 bits is required. Withdrawals are usually instant. You just have to click the Deposit/Withdraw button, click the Withdraw tab (on the modal window that appears), and enter the amount to withdraw and your bitcoin wallet address. It’s important to point out, though, that you need to have at least 3 confirmations for all of your deposit transactions before you can make a withdrawal.

There is no FUN currency or play money on Satoshi Mines. However, you can do a practice game if your account balance is 0. This means that you can enter any bet amount you want (provided it is within the minimum and maximum limits stated earlier) and try playing the game as many times as you want. Naturally, since this is just a practice game, your winnings cannot be withdrawn.

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Extra information

  • Provably fair game
  • Simple, casual game that is suitable for a quick time waster anywhere, anytime
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Practice game (free for fun) enabled whenever you have 0 balance

  • No live chat or telephone support
  • No deposit bonuses or promotions
  • No bitcoin/satoshi faucet

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